ME+ID Event Programs

At ME+ID, our gig is making the world a friendlier place by sparking real-life connections. Our event programs take this mission to a completely new level, and it’s one that happens to be pretty fantastic, if we do say so ourselves. Check out the examples in this section, but keep in mind that we can custom design a program for nearly any group activity. Our fun, interactive approach can help your group get to know and understand one another better, resulting in stronger relationships, greater productivity, and even a whole group or organizational culture that supports its members as both individuals and as a team.

One common factor in all of our event programs is the “reveal.” During registration, attendees are specifically asked “What’s Your Thing?” in order to uncover individual passions. It might be an activity, a cause, a fandom, or something else entirely. What they don’t know is that we’ll be using these answers to present each attendee with a personalized passion shirt. This unveiling provides an opportunity for group members to learn more about each other and discover where they have connections of their own.

Taking Care of Business (Corporate)

Everybody is passionate about something, and leaders like yourself are no exception. Hopefully one thing you’re passionate about improving and deepening relationships between members of your team. Perhaps you’re ready to build your corporate culture or to add a new dimension to what you’ve already started. ME+ID is the place to turn for an impactful and unforgettable corporate event that leaves team members feeling empowered and excited. In addition to the obvious growth opportunity, a unique reveal comes at the end with a surprising, thoughtful takeaway that lets each attendee know they are recognized and valued within the organization. From an hour-long meeting at the workplace to an all-day event off site, we are able to work with your style. Speaking of style, don’t forget that each attendee is going to leave with a passion tee. Talk about making your employees feel seen and understood. This is an exceptional way to build a collaborative work culture!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

From nonprofit organizations to organized sports, there are so many ways that individuals need to come together as a team. ME+ID offers customized programs designed to bring out the best in each person, which ends up benefiting everyone. Newly formed groups might start out with a few get-to-know you ice-breakers, while longstanding teams may be more focused on deepening trust or enhancing collaboration skills. In that first case, we might offer the reveal before lunch or a break, for example, to encourage small talk (or possibly “large talk,” depending on the passion revealed). Every situation is unique, which is why we work to build the perfect event for your needs.

The Unconventional Convention

Want to create chemistry, spark new connections, and start conversations at your next convention? ME+ID has the perfect vehicle to get you there! During registration, attendees are asked about their passions–what they love to do, what they believe in, what they do in their spare time. You include a “Wear Your Passion, Share Your Passion” social event (such as a cocktail party, BBQ, banquet, etc.) in the convention schedule where everyone wears their passion tee! It’s so fun to see how new connections are made this way. For example, you may find the Vegans connecting with the Gluten Frees, the Marathons connecting with the Triathlons, or the Yogas connecting with Mindfulness fans! There are endless possibilities to spark fun, laughter, and new connections that might never have happened.

Party Event

Having a private party for a special event?  Similar to the convention program above, this option lets you create a unique swag gift for each party attendee. Feature their personal passion word, their high school graduation date, hometown, Zodiac sign, or anything you can think of to spark fun conversations and laughter. You are only limited by your creativity and imagination–and we can even help with that if you need it. ME+ID can make it happen!

Get Schooled

New student orientations, faculty development, and end-of-the-year celebrations are just some of the events that are perfect for including ME+ID. Our programs offer a super-fun team building experience that builds and deepens relationships among classmates or coworkers. What a great way to add a new dimension to your school or classroom culture! This event provides an opportunity to find out something new about your students–not to mention faculty and staff–and helps them start their own conversations and build connections.

In addition to the awesome learning activities of the day, the presentation of passion shirts is a wonderful way to recognize individual contributions to the group and to validate everyone’s passions in an authentic, inclusive way. And if that all sounds kind of hoity-toity, it doesn’t hurt to remember that our shirts are also really, really cool looking, and feel amazing when you wear them.

The Ringleader

Our Co-Founder, Patrice Rogers, is a certified trainer in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Flip Flippen’s Capturing Kids’ Hearts and Teen Leadership; Harvard University’s Project Zero: Making Thinking Visible; has been a professional musician, singer, and performer; and has lead numerous creative team building events and trainings for her staff and faculty as the principal of a large independent school.

A ME+ID shirt is a gift that keeps on giving, since they are designed expressly to start conversations and help people connect face to face, making the world a friendlier place! Contact us at so we can help your passion ignite the people around you.