In our daily lives, we encounter many people. But so often we are lost in our own world of things we need to accomplish, our schedule, family and friend issues, worries and concerns, or our hand held electronics, that we hardly notice the other people around us.  What a waste! You never know who may be standing beside you in the line at the bank, or McDonalds, or in the doctor’s office. They may be someone you would have a connection with, something in common, a potential friend or colleague. If you make the decision to become an “in person” person, you could change your life with a simple conversation. By wearing Me+ID, you can open the door to conversation and connection with a person that may just become your new best friend. Our clothing helps facilitate those connections and gives you an opportunity that no other clothing provides.  Oh sure, you can wear a designer brand with a popular company’s logo on your chest, but what does that really tell anyone about you personally? Wouldn’t you rather wear your own brand? Be your own person. Be and “in person” person and take the opportunities you have to meet new people and make the world a friendlier place

Have you seen the psa video where kids talk about their “thing”? We all have a “thing”, a passion, something that, when we do it, we lose track of time. It’s great to have a “thing” or maybe more than one, or five!  Now you can share your “thing” with the world as you walk through life by wearing it on your clothing. That is your ME+ID. ME+ID tags your “thing” with a question – “What’s your thing?” It starts people thinking about what they would wear if they were lucky enough to have a ME+ID. It gives people the opportunity to make a connection over your “thing”, and strike up a conversation. If you like to meet new people and talk about your “thing” and maybe their “thing” too, just wear ME+ID! Watch the psa now and think about What’s your thing?

Remember the old nursery rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? As a former middle school principal, I can assure you this is NOT true. Words can have a powerful impact on people of all ages, both to help them and to hurt them.  I recently talked to an 80-something year old woman who still remembered her 2nd grade teacher calling her dumb! Yes, the words we use may never be forgotten, so we must choose what we say carefully. At ME+ID we have a powerful way to use one word that can change your life forever, and you get to choose the word!

What is your “thing”, your passion, something you enjoy doing more than anything else? (you may actually have more than one, but we only want one for now) If you put that word on your shirt, people will invariably ask you about it.  If you add the phrase “What’s your thing? They will feel even more compelled to engage in conversation with you. With the power of your word, you have opened up a direct line of communication with someone who may just turn out to be your new best friend, your soulmate, or maybe even your new boss!

Connecting with other people looks a whole lot different than it did fifteen years ago when the way we interact was on the cusp of changing forever. AOL was telling us “You’ve got mail,” and we thought that was about as high-tech as a person could get. But the bar kept getting raised, and now we’re at a point where we can instantly connect with people all over the world.

  •     We take their advice on blogs
  •     We “like” their selfies on Facebook
  •     We know what they had for lunch thanks to Instagram
  •     We share their humor on Tumblr
  •     We argue with them in comment sections
  •     We might even get a job interview with them because of LinkedIn

Of course, there’s also Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and so many other ways to get to know people online.

Offline, though, there are no filters or friend requests or blocking or poking or five-star reviews to consider. A lot of the time, there’s no obvious lead-in to an introduction or a conversation. So, we miss out on those potentially amazing connections simply because we don’t realize they’re walking right past us every day.

The person sitting across from you waiting for the same flight could be perfect to interview for your work or school project. The lady checking her email in the coffee shop might be the next lead singer of your band. The dad at school pick-up might just sell you your next house. The chances of you running across them online aren’t that great. The chances of you striking up a conversation in person, however, are entirely up to you.

Are you a realtor, a web designer, a babysitter, or a dog walker? How do you make connections with potential clients or customers? If you wear a shirt that shares your career passion, just think of all the opportunities you could have as you meet people at the grocery store, on the bus, or at the mall. ME+iD shirts give you that opportunity. You never know what can happen if you strike up a conversation. Wear. Chatt. Connect. What’s you thing?

We all have a “thing”. Something we love, we are passionate about, we talk about or participate in regularly. It’s something that makes you smile! If you asked yourself, “What’s her/his thing?” about your friend, spouse, child, or colleague, what would you say?  How well do you really know your special people? It’s a great exercise to take a moment and reflect on those we love. If you wanted to buy a ME+ID shirt for that person, what word would you choose to communicate their “thing”?

We introduced the mission of ME+ID to some friends at a dinner party recently, and they really “got it”. It’s such a simple idea, but really has the power to change the world as we know it, making it a friendlier place. Can you imagine if openly chatting with the people around you and feeling comfortable engaging in a conversation with a stranger was the norm rather than the exception?  That’s a disruptive thought! Our friends believe we are starting a “movement”! Well, we agree with them.

“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission – to make the world more open and connected.” Mark Zuckerberg

Just like Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard to connect students, we have started a movement to connect people face to face. So join us. Wear your passion. Start a conversation. Make a Connection. What’s your thing?

Have you ever heard the phrase “he wears his heart on his sleeve”?  The Urban Dictionary says ”People who wear their heart on their sleeve express their emotions freely and openly, for all to see. ‘You’re just wearing your heart on your sleeve’.” To make connections with others in our environment, we need to give them a reason to connect with us. By wearing your passion on your clothing, or something that will prompt conversation, you do, in effect, wear your heart on your sleeve. What you love is your heart. You can wear it on your clothing to express to others that you want to connect. So simple, so effective. Wear. Chat. Connect. What’s your thing?

Have you ever read the all time best seller by Dale Carnegie,  “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? I read it in college, and it changed my life as I knew it. Winning friends and making connections can be a challenge for all of us. As we started our business, we wondered how we could make that process easier. How can we connect people face to face? In today’s world, we are accustomed to connecting electronically. But what about the many people we encounter in our daily, face to face life? How can we make the most of those opportunities to connect? Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. That’s why we decided to launch our company with a simple shirt featuring a passion word and asking the question “What’s your thing?” to invite conversation. It’s simple : Wear your passion. Start a conversation. Make a connection. What’s your thing?

I was reading a copy of Success magazine recently, the one with Sara Blakely on the cover. You have to respect a woman billionaire who made her fortune from cutting off the feet of her pantyhose to avoid panty lines. She kept her day job selling copiers, while taking her idea for women’s undergarments to many manufacturers and finally to a department store and sent them to Oprah Winfrey. The rest is history! One of the things that resonated with me about her story is she continually asked “the universe” to give her ideas for products that millions of people would buy because they brought them “joy”.  We want ME+iD products to bring you joy! Helping you connect with another person long enough to start a conversation can bring you someone that may become your new best friend, your new colleague, or even your soulmate!