About US

The ME+ID Story


Pam Plotkin: former attorney, current Brent Burns (San Jose Sharks) fangirl, avid walker

Patrice Rogers: former middle school principal, life-long guitar aficionado

The founders of ME+ID became fast friends when Pam’s children attended the school where Patrice was Principal. They worked together for 3 ½ years while the latter served as Vice President of Middle School for the PTA. Once her term expired, the two knew they wanted to find a way to join forces for a new project. ME+ID is the dream collaboration that followed.

What We Do

The Mission: To make the world a friendlier place.

The Medium: Beautifully designed apparel and accessories focused on individual passions.

ME+ID creations aren’t just meant to be a fashion statement. Instead, they’ve been created specifically to encourage people to connect with one another in the real world. Each shirt proudly shares your passion and invites others to do the same. It’s a conversation starter that leads to friendships, professional relationships, and even just the occasional interesting chat with a passing stranger.

How We Got from There to Here

It’s 2016 Pam and her family have an unexpected five-hour-delay at the Vancouver airport. With batteries running low on the electronics, will our bedraggled heroes be forced to (gasp!) interact with the people around them?!

Actually, Pam found herself curious about her fellow travelers. That curiosity was thwarted by the inevitable awkwardness that comes from trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger. After all, nobody wants to be the weirdo at the airport.

That’s when fortune smiled, and she caught sight of someone wearing a t-shirt advertising a hotel on the opposite side of the country. It just so happened to be one where she had stayed in the past. With that small connection she was able to confidently approach the man and start a totally interesting conversation—all without ever once coming across as a creeper.

During the flight home, she turned this encounter over in her mind. His shirt had alerted her to their common interest and emboldened her to make a real-life connection with someone new. In an age of social media, this IRL experience was refreshing. By the time the plane landed, she had come to feel that this little nudge was something that could make a difference. Fortunately, Patrice agreed.




Pam Plotkin

Co-Founder and CEO of ME+ID

Patrice Rogers

Co-Founder and COO of ME+ID
Sally New

Sally Shaw

Director of Sales Analytics
AdamPlotkin new

Adam Plotkin , MD

Director of Business Development