At ME+iD Tees, we’re all about sharing our interests, our hobbies and our beliefs with those around us. There’s no better way to make your voice heard than to cast your vote for the people you want representing YOU.

After months of build-up, we’re finally just one month away from voting day. Every vote makes a difference, so—whether you do it by mail or in person—please do your civic duty and cast your ballot! Make your voice heard!

Not sure where to start? No problem! You can be well on your way to casting your ballot in just four simple steps:

1. Get informed.

Read up on the issues and the candidates running. Most candidates and campaigns have websites that explain their positions and ideas, so it’s easy to go straight to the source.

2. Register to vote.

Registration deadlines are coming up, so if you’re not yet registered to vote where you live, register as soon as you can, whether you choose to register online, by mail or in person. (Not sure if you’re registered? You can check on

3. Find your precinct or request an absentee ballot.

If you’re not sure where to find your precinct, visit Or, if you prefer to vote by mail, you can request an absentee ballot online.

4. Vote!

Now that you’ve learned about the issues and candidates and you are registered to vote, remember to actually get out and get to it come election day! (Or make sure it’s mailed in as soon as you’re done checking those boxes!)

Beyond the Ballot: Ways to make a difference in an election outside of voting

Whether you’re eligible to vote in the coming election or not, you can still influence the outcome of the election by finding additional ways to get involved.

1. Volunteer for your favorite candidate or cause.

A few hours a week or full time—do what works for you in your current life situation. Once you’ve found the causes and candidates you support, consider donating your time making calls, helping with behind the scenes work or passing out fliers. If you’re passionate about the very concept of voting, look into what it would take for you to become a poll worker in your community.

2. Make donations to organizations and campaigns you support.

Don’t have the time to volunteer? Consider making a financial contribution to your favorite campaign or cause. Every dollar can make a difference.

3. Speak up in person and on social media.

This digital age lets us connect with those around us more than ever. Whether you reach out in person or online, try to engage in meaningful discussions about real issues.

4. Wear ME+iD tees that promote voting and causes you are passionate about.

It’s no secret that ME+iD tees are a great way to share something you are personally interested in. Use that power to encourage others to vote or learn about candidates and causes! It’s also likely to help you engage in discussions with those around you, giving you a chance to share your views and listen to the opinions of others.

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