A few years ago, it was my pleasure and good fortune to attend Harvard University for a program called Project Zero with renowned educational greats Howard Gardner and David Perkins, just to name a few. During this program, we were introduced to the concept of “making thinking visible” as a method of teaching to help students understand and develop their own thinking methods and to help teachers understand what and how students were thinking. This involved using different “thinking routines” to develop new ways for students to “think about their thinking”. It is very powerful stuff and completely changed and enhanced the way teachers and students interacted, taught, and learned. 

In a similar way at ME+iD we are using our custom clothing to make our thinking visible, with the mission of helping people connect and understand each other a little better. When I wear a shirt with one of my passions on it, Guitars for example, this tells others that I think about guitars. My shirt makes my thinking visible! And, in turn, people will start conversations with me about their thoughts related to guitars. Knowing how this works can be a very useful tool if you are looking for an opportunity to meet new people and connect with those around you. Your shirt becomes a window into your thoughts, loves, and passions.

Although we are experiencing the effects of a pandemic, living in lock down, wearing masks when we venture out in public, and communicating virtually; we can still use our clothing to communicate a message that we choose. Since now, more than ever, we all need a little reassurance, friendship, gentleness, and positivity in our daily lives, instead of just wearing our passions and interests, we can choose uplifting, humorous, encouraging messages that may bring a smile to someone’s face (even if their face is covered by a mask!). We are all in this together and figuring out how to serve others in some small way will make everyone feel better. So, let’s make our thinking visible by wearing clothing with messages that will bring a smile, warm hearts, take people’s minds to a better place, even if just for a few minutes. My new shirts will say “Thank You Heroes!”, “Smiling Under My Mask”, “This Too Shall Pass”, and “Choosing Happiness”. What do you want yours to say? Share your thoughts with us at info@meidtees.com so we can share them with the world.