When most of us think about job hunting, our brains go straight to the obvious: resumes, interviews, cover letters.

We tend to skip over a key ingredient of job searching success: social skills. Specifically, practiced social interaction with people in real life. It’s important to remember that recruiters and hiring managers aren’t hiring a piece of paper (no matter how pretty your resume may be); they’re hiring a person, someone they believe will positively impact the workplace environment and build up others.

That’s where ME+iD apparel comes into play.

Our tees and sweatshirts are meant to facilitate communication in the offline world, to provide opportunities for complete strangers to make connections, both big and small. This means there are two ways ME+iD apparel inherently lends itself to helping you become a much hotter item on the job market.

  1. Advertise your area of expertise in an open, friendly way.

The first way ME+iD apparel can help you get a job is rather obvious, but worth mentioning just the same. By wearing your skillset or career choice on your tee, you automatically become a walking, talking advertisement for yourself.

The best part? You’re opening the door for conversation about your career path in the least pushy way possible, and you’re opening that door to every single person who catches sight of your shirt.

  1. Increase your SEL skills.

The second way ME+iD apparel can help you land that dream job is less obvious, but no less important: Wearing ME+iD apparel can help you increase your SEL skills.

SEL (social and emotional learning) is a process through which we make responsible decisions, manage emotions, achieve goals, and establish and maintain relationships. SEL skills include communication, collaboration and problem solving—skills that are expected to become more and more important as our workforce relies heavily on technology.

ME+iD tees naturally give the wearer opportunities to practice speaking with others and to build face-to-face relationships, whether those relationships last a lifetime or the length of the store check-out line.

Remember, while ME+iD tees can open the door for you, they can’t carry the rest of the conversation for you. If you struggle with interpersonal interactions, we recommend taking a few pages (or a lot of pages) out of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Carnegie devotes quite a bit of time on the art of making people like you, explaining you should do everything from actively listening to smiling. Our favorite tip, however, is one that connects directly to the “What’s your thing?” on the bottom of every ME+iD tee: Be genuinely interested in other people. Care. They’ll know it, and they’ll like you for it.

Ready to share your passion with those around you? Customize a ME+iD tee to show off your talents and/or career path to start connecting your way to your dream job. 

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