There are two fairly “obvious” ways that ME+iD apparel could help our customers get a job. First of all, we could hire you. It’s not super likely right now, although you’re definitely encouraged to keep checking back as we continue to grow! The second most obvious way is that someone could see you wearing your passion, approach you, and offer to hire you.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

But the less overt way our apparel can affect the trajectory of your career has to do with SEL. Say what?! SEL is shorthand for Social and Emotional Learning, a category of skills that aren’t necessarily a part of our current education process. Some SEL skills could include communication, collaboration, and problem solving—each of which is expected to become more and more important as our workforce relies more heavily on technology. Individuals are not currently cultivating these skills, which threatens their future success in an economy where half of the future jobs likely don’t even exist yet!

So, how does this relate to ME+iD and our apparel? We’re so glad you asked! One of our company’s biggest goals is to facilitate communication in the offline world. We want to provide opportunities for complete strangers to recognize a common interest and start a conversation. We want them to share their knowledge, to get to know each other, and to develop actual connection to others; whether it’s for the duration of a wait in line or as a new life-long friendship.

It’s not all that unusual for us to go through our days with heads down, smartphones in hand. We enjoy keeping in touch with friends, staying up-to-date on the news, etc., and there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, there’s a lot going on in the environment around us. ME+iD gives us a reason to look up, to engage with others, and to build the social and emotional skills that make you stand out to potential employers and to their customers.